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Executive Compensation Committee Consultant

At Equity Compensation Strategies, we understand the importance of retaining and attracting key executives and how fulfilling it can be to have the right team in your C suite. If you have a team of executives at your business, you need to find ways to competitively compensate them for their stellar services. But without the proper consultant, it can be difficult to know what competitive compensation for your executives is and what could hurt your business. We believe a properly constructed executive compensation strategy will help you achieve your business goals and support the execution of your strategy.

When you work with an executive compensation consultant from our team, you can provide your business with the right information and market analysis so that your executive team can be competitively compensated for their work. We have 33 years of experience when it comes to establishing competitive compensation for executives and independent Directors. We develop executive compensation programs that make sense for your organization, helping you reinforce your business strategies, hold on to the right people, and get pay right even when volatile markets are working against you.




When you connect with Richard V. Smith (Rick) and his team at Equity Compensation Strategies, you can rest assured that you are working with a  consultant that has deep experience in most every aspect of this business and who is committed to a  successful compensation philosophy. Whether you are a new business or an established public or private company, a knowledgeable consultant can help your business save money and create lasting compensation strategies.


The best designed compensation programs attract, motivates and keeps the right talent in place and shapes your culture and your reputation. Additionally, it balances the needs of the business with the executives you want. As your business grows, so does the need for your executive team. Let us put your mind at ease as we perform a deep analysis of your current compensation structure, goals, purpose, and culture simply put we will get your executive and Director pay right.

The best designed total rewards program attracts, motivates and retains the right talent—from entry level to the C-suite.


If you are ready to see how the team at Equity Compensation Strategies can help your business grow in a healthy and stable way, connect with us today and invite us in for a  conference that will give a deeper perspective. To connect with us directly, be sure to visit our helpful contact page.

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